I'm NotKyon: programmer, musician, and otaku.

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I write short stories (and shitposts) from time to time. Of these, I feel Moon and Wake are my two best stories.

An angel is handing out tickets to the moon. What will you bring?

Waking up gets more difficult as time goes on... [Initial concept draft.]

GitHub repository of my stories. There are more here if you're interested.


A lot of the code I've written is open source. Most libraries are licensed under ZLib, which doesn't instill any legal burden for attribution.

axlib active project

Public domain single-header-libraries for C and C++.
Doll active project

ZLib-licensed 2D game engine.

Open source Dark Basic-like compiler using LLVM.

Sound synthesis system, using simple scripts to generate sounds; written in C as a single file.

ZLib-licensed 3D game engine, written in C for OpenGL.
Mk active project

Simple mostly configure-less build system for C and C++. Old version (0.7.2(2016)) available here as a single source file.

You can find more software by going through some of these places:

Looking for an alternative to C/C++? Consider using Odin.

Web Apps
RAM Latency Calculator. (Old version available here.)

Virtual Texturing (Dedicated page available here.)

I highly recommend Eiji Mikage's book series The Empty Box and Zeroth Maria (Utsuro no Hako to Zero no Maria, or "HakoMari" for short).

Volume one
Volume two - Sevennight in Mud
Volume three - Kingdom Royale (First Half)
Volume four - Kingdom Royale (Second Half)
Volume five - Wish Crushing Cinema (First Half)
Volume six - Wish Crushing Cinema (Second Half)
Volume seven (END)