I'm NotKyon: programmer, musician, and anime-culture enthusiast.

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I write short stories (and shitposts) from time to time. Of these, I feel Moon and Wake are my two best stories.

Best to think of this like a "children's picture book" without pictures.

Waking up gets more difficult as time goes on... [Initial concept draft.]

GitHub repository of my stories. There are a lot more here if you're interested.


A lot of the code I've written is open source. Most libraries are licensed under ZLib, which doesn't instill any legal burden for attribution.

axlib active project

Public domain single-header-libraries for C and C++.
Doll active project

ZLib-licensed 2D game engine.

Open source Dark Basic-like compiler using LLVM.

Sound modelling system, using simple scripts to generate sounds; written in C as a single file.

ZLib-licensed 3D game engine, written in C for OpenGL.
Mk 0.7.2(2016)

Simple mostly configure-less build system for C and C++.

You can find more software by going through some of these places:

Web Apps
Japanese Name Generator (Down for a while; Old link.)
RAM Latency Calculator.

Virtual Texturing (Various resources I've found and uploaded involving virtual texturing)

I highly recommend Eiji Mikage's book series The Empty Box and Zeroth Maria (Utsuro no Hako to Zero no Maria, or "HakoMari" for short).

Volume one
Volume two - Sevennight in Mud
Volume three - Kingdom Royale (First Half)
Volume four - Kingdom Royale (Second Half)
Volume five - Wish Crushing Cinema (First Half)
Volume six - Wish Crushing Cinema (Second Half)
Volume seven (END)