Hello. This is my rather blank and unattractive web-page. I don't have very much stuff up here at the moment, but I intend to add more later. Maybe.

General: Twitter, YouTube, SoundCloud, Kitsu, LINE: notkyon1, Discord: NotKyon#9707, PayPal.
Games: Twitch, Steam, PSN, osu!.
Forums: Nuclear Glory (website down), Kazamatsuri, Rokkenjima.
Development: GitHub (NotKyon), GitHub (axia-sw), VS Marketplace.

Moon (Best to think of this like a "children's picture book" without pictures.)
Wake (Waking up gets more difficult as time goes on... [Initial concept draft.])

My stories in general (on GitHub)

axlib (Public domain single-header-libraries - active project)
Doll (ZLib licensed 2D game engine - active project)
Tenshi (open source Dark Basic-like compiler using LLVM)
SoundScript (sound modelling system, using simple scripts to generate sounds; written in C as a single file)
Tile (ZLib licensed 3D game engine, written in C for OpenGL)


Mk 0.7.2(2016) (The version of Mk used by Tile.)
Mk 0.4-preview(2013-03-23) (A preview version of Mk. Added support for packages (auto-linked), unit testing, and a few additional features.)
Mk 0.2 (My make alternative! This is a download. Okay, I'll add a dedicated page soon eventually...)

Web Apps
Japanese Name Generator (Down for a while; Old link.)
RAM Latency Calculator.

Virtual Texturing (Various resources I've found and uploaded involving virtual texturing)

I highly recommend Eiji Mikage's book series The Empty Box and Zeroth Maria (Utsuro no Hako to Zero no Maria, or "HakoMari" for short).

Volume one
Volume two - Sevennight in Mud
Volume three - Kingdom Royale (First Half)
Volume four - Kingdom Royale (Second Half)
Volume five - Wish Crushing Cinema (First Half)
Volume six - Wish Crushing Cinema (Second Half)
Volume seven (END)